Pre-Build Update

Posted by Freamon Richardsfink On December 11, 2014 Comments Off on Pre-Build Update

Another year of school has started and so has Robotics. The big news is Kevin Haack Senior, father of team member Kevin Haack Jr, has become the new head coach. Also Tom Oehrlein has become the second in command to Kevin, they are co-coaches. That's the big news of the year, we got a new coach so our song “Coach Me Maybe” is a little out of date or maybe it worked! 

In other news, the animation season is over. The team has uploaded the video to the FIRST site and all that is left is to wait for the contest. We have also uploaded to Youtube as well for your viewing pleasure. As for what the animation team will do now, they will keep working on getting better at Blender or go to work with the build team.

On the build side, Andrew Abraham has been working on the new mascot, same names as the old bird, Wing-nut. However this one is as robot instead of an Eagle, and this one is our own so we don't need to try to borrow Apollo's mascot, it's also a better representative of the team too. They got the mecanum drives working, and they are running very smoothly now. There is some talk of trying to improve the design a bit, but that's still just talk and more than likely that's what it will stay, or at least till build season starts up. They are changing what the material the mecanum bearing brackets from acrylic to aluminum, that is going very smoothly with the new build members.


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