Prototyping A “Hailstorm”

Posted by Lori Dale On November 13, 2019 Comments Off on Prototyping A “Hailstorm”

I could not be at the meeting on Thursday (Nov. 7th), so mentor Zach wrote this up for the blog: On Thursday, we had a small crew and finished prototyping some ball shooter mechanisms. Nick and Ricky worked on the multi shooter, Carter and Evan worked on the Colson shooter, and Corey and Alan finished the belt shooter. Zach and Nick also supplied pictures and a video. Here is a video of the multi shooter, nicknamed “Hailstorm” by Corey. (It takes a few seconds to load.)

They also supplied some pictures

Alan working on the belt shooter

On Monday some team members continued to work on their prototypes. Another small group worked on a “Motion Magic” class that Corey will be presenting at the Minne-Mini Robotics Competition on Nov. 23, with help from Natalie. Gabe and Jamison worked on 3D printing items for the new robot. First on the agenda, spacers. Not too exciting sounding, but a vital part of the robot.

Jamison and Gabe, working with the 3D printer

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