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Internal Safety Resources:

These Resources are designed for use by the Gearheads, but feel free to use them yourself! Please treat any safety training material by the Gearheads as under the CC-BY-SA license. 

  • Safety Presentation: The Gearhead's safety training presentation.
  • MSDS Directory: The MSDS Directory is a list of current MSDS/SDS for chemicals used by the Gearheads. We provide it online in the emergency case that the MSDS binder is unavailable. This directory will be available after an upcoming server upgrade. 

Safety Materials and Reference for Other Teams

  • Must Haves in First Aid Kit: A list of items recommended for inclusion in a high-quality first aid kit. Coming Soon! 
  • Safety Videos:Videos that provide valuable resources on safety for the FRC and beyond. 
  • Safety Maze and Other Children's Outreach Resources: Outreach resources designed for those under age 12.
    •   Safety Maze:
    • Maze2

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