Sir Antsabot lives(!) and we have a display case

Posted by Lori Dale On October 24, 2017 Comments Off on Sir Antsabot lives(!) and we have a display case

This week the team continued to work on reassembling Sir Antsabot (our 2016 competition bot) to use to familiarize ourselves with pneumatics, and test them out for use on future robots. The lights lit up, and he is almost running, he just needs a tweak on the code, that should be done next week.

While some team members worked on that, we had a group of newer team members working on assembling another frame, so that they would learn how we build our robots.  This robot will be used to test out other programs or functions.

We also worked on setting up our display case in the "C" wing at Apollo. We may add a coouple of other items, but its mostly done.  It has our trophies from a few different competitions, and a banner from our EMCC win.  It also has a few interesting robot parts, our team shirts through the years, and a few other things we thought that people might find interesting.  Stop by and see it, if you are ever in Apollo! 


Carter. Jaeger, Zach and Gavin working on adding pneumatics to Sir Antsabot.


Hannah and Natalie working on the test frame.


Our display case in the Apollo "C" wing.


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