Take Off for Deep Space!

Posted by Lori Dale On January 8, 2019 Comments Off on Take Off for Deep Space!

Saturday, the FIRST teams throughout the world learned the tasks that the robot has to complete this year. Here is the video:

Monday and Tuesday, we started brainstorming possible ways to meet the challenge, building the parts of the game elements to test our robot on while prototyping, and reassembled Super Sir Antsabot for a demo at Alexandria Industries on Wednesday. We love showing our sponsors the robots that their money helped us build- along with the students being built in the process. Here are a few pictures of the work so far:

Cater, Kaylin and Nick assembling supports for the rocket
Natalie and Austin working on the ‘rocket ship” , cutting out the portholes
Gabe working on the Westcoast drive chassis, for drivers practice on the low goals

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