Teach and preach

Posted by carrie block On October 11, 2017 Comments Off

This week the team split up and worked on separate things. Newer members and members who haven't done it before worked on building gear boxes,and a chassis for a basic robot. By doing this, they learned how the gear boxes worked, how to build a frame, how to work together on a smaller task, and how to learn and think as a group instead of as individuals. We had two visitors this week who also worked on the chassis and gear boxes. The rest of the team worked on a previous years robot,and worked taking it apart. Some students helped teach and guide the students working on the gear boxes and chassis so that they could learn faster and easier to be more prepared for when build season starts.


Rose putting Sir Antsabot back together


Carrie working on a chassis for a test frame

In other news, we have our last off season competition this weekend.  It's called the Minnesota Robotics Invitational.  This one is in Roseville. It's on Saturday, Oct. 14.  Here is a link to an informational page about the event: http://firebears.org/?page_id=375


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