The End Has Come- Of Build Season, That Is…

Posted by Lori Dale On February 22, 2018 Comments Off on The End Has Come- Of Build Season, That Is…

Tuesday, we arrived at the season long anticipated day known as "Stop Build" or "Bag and Tag".  Our robot is in the bag, and we cannot touch it until competition, except for a couple of demo's.  That does not mean that we are done until Competition.  There are plenty of things to work on in the interval.  We will be going over safety procedures, making team buttons to give out, working on our hooks (FIRST allows 30lbs. of materials that you can "hold back" when putting the robot in the bag), practicing driving with Sir Antsabot, and demo'ing to the local Machinists and Mechanics Union.


Over the last week, our robot "Super Sir Antsabot" went on our usual "swiss cheese"  robot diet, and had holes drilled all over to cut weight so it would make the 120 lb. limit.  Some of us actually like the look of the holes.  As long as some of the parts were having holes cut out, we painted the scissor supports blue, to reflect the team's secondary color.


Last Saturday, we tested our robot out at a pre-competition, while scores were not kept at this event, we were very happy with our robot's performance.  We moved in autonomous every match, and managed to deposit a cube on the scale in autonomous our last match of the day. 

 pre-competition auto cube


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