The New Robot

Posted by Lori Dale On April 30, 2019 Comments Off on The New Robot

The Gearheads have now begun construction on our new robot. On Monday they began attaching wheels to the basic frame. The next step is to wire it so that it will move. Then once that is complete we will start making the t-shirt cannon to go on top. That should be fun! Be looking for this robot in the St. Cloud and St. Joseph parades!

The wheels are on, next comes the wiring
Our t-shirt cannon will be something similar to this

In other news, we would like to congratulate team 4607, CIS, from Becker, and team 2502, Knightcrawler, from New Brighton. Last week, they were on the winning alliance for Carson field, one of the 6 fields at Championships. Congratulations on your success!

We would also like to congratulate team 1816, the Green Machine, from Edina. They won the Chairman’s award at Championships. This is the most prestigious award in FIRST. One team at each Regional wins this award and advances to Championships. Of those, one team is selected at Championships as the FRC winner. Team’s that win this award are those that are very successful at getting the word out about FIRST to the community and helping other teams. One of their mentors, Mark Lawrence, was instrumental in starting the Gearheads 10 years ago. Congratulations on winning the award!

The Green Machine with their banners and plaque


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