The Tale of Sir Antsabot

Posted by Lori Dale On July 19, 2016 Comments Off on The Tale of Sir Antsabot

One of the things that I like about this years challenge was the fact that there are several tie-ins that teams can make. The Gearheads decided to make a story about our robot. We called it "The Tale of Sir Antsabot". We put it on a "Shield" in our pit at competition.  (It looked really cool in the font we used, but that is not available on our blog format.)  I thought it might be fun to share it now, for those who have not heard it before. :Sir Antsabot

Come sit by the fire, for ye shall hear, of the tales of a small and mighty guardian that outshined them all! His deeds are known, from far his home, the Tales of Sir Antsabot and his Alliance of the Round Table. His Round Table is made up of no robot greater than himself, or any lesser than him, for there shall not be a head of this table. Not for him, nor for any of the rest, for that is the whole purpose of the alliance of the Round Table: equality! The Round Table of Robots lives by the code of Gracious Professionalism… Sir Antsabot was built in the shining land of Apollo by the noble Knights and Ladies of the House Gearhead, with support from the noblemen of Theisen. They committed their hearts to this noble challenge to protect all that is good and true. Sir Antsabot is a mighty robot built to protect the FIRST Stronghold from the forces of Error -those nasty troublers of all – led by the evil King 404! With the many bugs at his command, he has has frozen many of his opponents with unhandled exceptions, and sent their armies into disarray in their march to battle with the dark magic of off-by-one errors and untuned PID loops. But do not fear, Sir Antsabot and his alliance partners are able to vanquish these enemies through the power of debugging! His armor is made of aluminium, the lightest of all metals in the lands of the Granite Kingdom! While his armor may be lightweight, it is far from weak. The plates of his armor capture light with exquisite glory, a mystical sheen that reflects the brightness of Gracious Professionalism! Sir Antsabot’s armor is held together by the nobility of his cause, and the magic of Coopertition. He comes equipped with The Grand Claw of Destiny to conquer the Citadel of Error. It is designed to the strictest of standards, and is so accurate that it will not disturb King Kamenlot, who rides with the Alliance of the Round Table on his majestic and imposing Segway. King Kamenlot built the famous castle known as DEKA, where the Round Table dwelleth. Together with his alliance partners, Sir Antsabot breaches the defenses of his enemies. He has a mighty lifting mechanism to climb the sides of enemy towers. His scissor-lift is an awesome thing to behold in action. His mighty legs will carry him over the rough ground of the battlefield when all else fails. His alliance is persistent in battle, engaging in multiple sorties with their foes, and ultimately emerging victorious! What of you? Would you like to be a part of this noble alliance and cause?


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