This Week’s Meeting, and Recruitment Video

Posted by Lori Dale On September 25, 2018 Comments Off on This Week’s Meeting, and Recruitment Video

This week at our meeting the students started working on putting together a West Coast Drive chassis.  This is something that we have never used before, and we are hoping to learn how to make build one, in case it will be helpful in this year's game.  IMG_2872

Ethan working on Gearboxes and Taylor working on wheels


Corey and Natalie cutting holes in the rails

We also completed a Recruitment Video for the year.  While we would accept new team members anytime, fall is an excellent time for students to check out the team.  We have an off-season competition coming up next month (Oct.13).  We would welcome potential new members to join us.  Just let us know that you wish to attend.  



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