Up Up and Away!

Posted by Nathan Block On January 10, 2017 Comments Off on Up Up and Away!

Saturday, we had our Kick Off.  It marked the beginning of Build Season! This year's game is called Steamworks. We have brainstormed many ideas, one of which is to pick up fuel from the floor. We will blog about what our robot will be this year once we finish prototyping


Some of the team, at Kick Off


Unpacking the KIt Of Parts





Also, the team was split between two locations finding many of us at the 2017 Kickoff and the rest attending our school Districts 742 Education Expo. We had many young engineers (kids) excited to see the robot cross over the obstacles, retrieve the bolder, shoot the boulder at the tower and climb up the tower wall. Our team displayed the 2016 Stronghold robot we named Sir-Ants-A-Bot with many of the challenges we had to solve. We also educated the spectators live while we too learned what this year's challenge was going to be and how we had 6 weeks to design, build, program, and troubleshoot a robot to attempt as many of the First Steamworks challenges.


Sir Antsabot shooting


Sir Antsabot preparing to go under low goal


Talking to people visiting the booth


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