Update 2/2/14, Dorito Dust

Posted by FSkiwi10 On February 1, 2014 Comments Off on Update 2/2/14, Dorito Dust

So far it's been another hard-working week, with the earlier accomplishments being the power wiring for our robot and screwing on the plexiglass to protect it. Pneumatics of the main lift and wiring in of our new air compressor have been another task at hand. Last year we had a large air compressor that had poor efficiency, its bulk did not compensate for its power. This year however, we received a brand new one. Its efficiency and power is fabulous. Besides all of that, we have completed the frame and the drive system for our robot as well. Our next focus being the mechanics for catching and holding onto the ball, the side wings, and the claw, which as of the second is done and working. The other focus we have is updating the firmware for CAN Jaguars, after that its off to Robot Builder to write the code to run said jaguars. If bugs do happen, we will have to do a lot of back work that you guys do not want to hear. Everything is looking pretty good, and as we brush off the Dorito dust from our fingers, we can stand back and admire our hard work so far. 

The robot, minus the claw. 

Let there be light! Part of the robot being welded.

The net that catches balls from over the truss.

Our basically finalized wiring.  Four of our five Jags are gonna need a firmware update.



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