Virtual Minnesota FRC Best Bot Ever Meet Up

Posted by Lori Dale On April 26, 2020 Comments Off on Virtual Minnesota FRC Best Bot Ever Meet Up

The Gearheads are not meeting as a team until the quarantine ends. However, a few things are happening in Minnesota FRC. There have been Virtual meet ups featuring various teams. One major emphasis was giving the teams that have not had a chance to compete a forum to show off their robot and talk about their team. This week the Gearheads were one of those teams

The opening screen for the Virtual Meet Up. I (Lori) am in the top left, Corey is 3 below me and Natalie is in the middle of the page in orange

Corey and Natalie spoke for the team, talking about our robot and how the season progressed and a bit about our outreach. If you would like to watch the video it’s up on Facebook. If you only want to watch our portion we start at almost exactly 1:00:00, and runs for a little under 20 minutes. You can view it here:

(the picture above is from another teams presentation)

Natalie speaking about the robot

I would also encourage everyone to watch the next portion about Team 2052 and their team’s work making face shields for medical workers. They have a goal of 11,000 and are well on their way. I believe that they are still taking donations toward this project. If you want more information you can contact them at

Since the team is not meeting and the next few months are uncertain. I have decided that it is a bit overkill to publish on a weekly schedule. If we have news to share, such as about parades and the Fair, I will post it here. Otherwise, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy!


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