Waite Park Parade, and St. Cloud Parade

Posted by Lori Dale On June 19, 2018 Comments Off on Waite Park Parade, and St. Cloud Parade

There is an expression "don't rain on my parade,"  Well that is what it did for those of us who participated in the Waite Park Parade last Thursday. Rain and robots don't go well together, so this meant that we had to cover up Super Sir Antsabot for most of the parade, though we were able to uncover it/him for about the last 25-30%.   However, our parade robot, Candybot, was still able to function with a bag over the top, and we were able to adapt and distribute candy nearly as usual.  Being in the parade, and especially one that moved at faster than the usual pace, we were not able to get any pictures of our team during the parade, but here are a couple of pictures taken in staging.

Waite Park Parade (1)

Final Preparations of Candybot, before the parade got rolling.


Waite Park Parade (3)

The front of the float.  You can see our mock-up of the "scale" from this year's game.


This Saturday, we will be participating in the St. Cloud/Granite City Days Parade.  If the weather cooperates, we expect a few people to join us from the team from Sauk Rapids, and the team from Becker, along with their robots.  (let's hope for a dry day!)  They are two of the teams in the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub, which the Gearheads are also a part of.  The Central Minnesota Robotics Hub is composed of 16 local FIRST Robotics Competition teams.  The teams meet regularly to support and help each other, and promote FIRST Robotics locally.  Come see us in the parade!  Start time is at 10 am.  We are unit F-7, so we are about 2/3 of the way through of the parade. If they stick with the current arrangement of bands (which sometimes changes) we are right after the Sartell St. Stephen Marching Band.


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