Waiting Out the Quarantine

Posted by Lori Dale On April 5, 2020 Comments Off on Waiting Out the Quarantine

Since the schools have gone to distance learning, and the large gatherings are banned under the ‘stay at home’ order, the Gearheads are not meeting. Like everyone else, we are waiting out the quarantine. In considering what to put in the blog for this week, I decided to try to bring a little smile to everyone’s face for at least a few minutes. I thought that I would share a parody or two, and a few of what I consider to be the funnier memes.

First with a parody that is my favorite, so far. It helps if you have seen ‘Les Miserable’ or are familiar with its songs, but I think that you can chuckle at it even if you haven’t, here is ‘One More Day’:

Only I guess instead of football, it would have to be Robotics Match, and the flag should be a Gearheads flag!

And we can’t miss Niel Diamond’s parody of his own song “Sweet Caroline”, a FIRST favorite:

Niel Diamond

And here are a couple of the (clean) meme’s that I liked best:

from MGoBlog

and one for the dog lovers among us:

from Spirit 92.9

Or if you are more of a cat person, how about this one?

from Darla Schock Kuhman

To wrap it all up, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy and if you or someone in your family are on the front lines of the fight, our thoughts and prayers are with you!


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