We Are Dreaming Dreams and Making Plans

Posted by Lori Dale On December 1, 2019 Comments Off on We Are Dreaming Dreams and Making Plans

We hope that everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving with their family and friends. Today (Sunday) marks not just the beginning of the countdown to Christmas, but for FRC teams throughout the world, the countdown to Kick-Off. Kick-Off is when FRC teams find out the game challenge for the year. We know the game name- “Infinite Recharge”, but beyond that, it’s all speculation until Jan. 4th (34 days from now). Kick-off is also sometimes known as FIRSTmas because that is the day that teams get to open their Kit Of Parts for the year.

Last week the Gearheads experienced a hiccup on our preseason build plans due to a delay in the arrival of the new Falcon 500’s that we ordered. (Falcon 500’s are the next generation of motors with many advanced features.) So we decided to devote the night to some planning and goal setting for the next few years. This gives us something to shoot for.

We are also preparing for Jumpstart, which happens on Friday evening and Saturday. Jumpstart is a 2-day training event and automation fair for FRC teams throughout Minnesota. It is happening on the St. Cloud State University campus in Atwood Center and Centennial Hall. Jumpstart gives students and mentors a chance to expand their knowledge and experience in multiple areas of team life. This includes training in topics from building a better robot, to safety to awards. This year there will also be a FIRST Tech Challenge League Meet at Jumpstart. FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is one of the other programs run by FIRST Robotics. FTC robots are smaller than FRC robots. They are usually limited to starting out small enough to fit into an 18″ square box but can extend once a match is started. Their game this year is called “Skystone”. I am sure that they would love to have visitors come check out their competition and learn more about the FIRST Tech Challenge.


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