We Build the Big Bots (and sometimes the little ones)

Posted by Lori Dale On November 20, 2019 Comments Off on We Build the Big Bots (and sometimes the little ones)

Prototyping continued this week with the team working on different projects to learn skills that will be combined to build one robot during build season. On Thursday, a group worked on the test frame. The wheels are on and the Spikes have been mounted. We are waiting on a new part that we ordered to finish up the testbot. They are called Falcons, and are the next generation of motors with integrated motor controllers. They are also lighter than having them separately, which helps with the weight limit that most teams struggle with. We will be beta testers for this, so we get the first crack at seeing how they work and showing them to other FRC teams. We are super excited about that!

Testbot, before the Spikes were installed

We also had new team members Jayden and Evan working on assembling a frame from a REV robotics kit. It is the same kit that many FTC teams use to make smaller robots. It sometimes helps to learn how to build and test ideas on the smaller sized robots before moving on to the larger one. They built the frame on Monday and will continue in upcoming meetings.

Evan and Jayden working on the REV frame

We will be demonstrating our 2019 competition robot, Jupiter, on Thursday for Central McGowan. They are a sponsor and also the employer of our Coach, Corey Applegate. We hope to impress them!

Tommy, Alan, Corey, and Ricky getting ready for the Demo.

That brings me to an announcement for regular readers of our blog. I have made the decision to change the day that the blog routinely is published. Starting this Sunday, I will be publishing the blog on Sundays. This will bring the blog into better alignment with the Gearheads schedule, especially during build season. During build season things tend to be divided into “Week 1”, “Week 2” and so on for the 6 weeks of build season, the blog will now better reflect that. So expect to see a blog this Sunday!


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