Week 3 “Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts”

Posted by Lori Dale On January 29, 2019 Comments Off on Week 3 “Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts”

Aristotle said that “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and so we think is our robot. This week the team worked on several different subsystems. Two of them were the hatch cover pick up, and the transport mechanism. We loosely based the hatch cover pick up on our gear pick up from 2017, but refined it for this year’s hatch.

Floor pick up for the hatch cover

New team member Jamison got the opportunity to have some hands-on time helping attach the pickup mechanism to the rail.

It took 3 people, but they eventually got the pick up mechanism attached

The prototype of the hatch carrying mechanism

We also worked on the stair climber. We idea for our design is something that we came up with after a discussion that our coach had with one of the coaches from the Rocori Rench Reckers, FRC team 4728, one of our hub partners. It is based on a Fibonacci Spiral. We still need to refine it some, but we think that once we do, it will work pretty well.

The first prototype of our climber mechanism

We had to be very efficient with our meeting on Monday because of the school closures for Tuesday and Wednesday, which means no build meetings, but we accomplished a great deal. We hope that everyone stays safe and warm!


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