Week 4- Of Days Lost, and Days Gained

Posted by Lori Dale On February 5, 2019 Comments Off on Week 4- Of Days Lost, and Days Gained

This week the Gearheads hit a little hiccup in their build. As most, if not all, teams in Minnesota, the “Polar Vortex” put a pause on not only school but our build team meetings. We managed to squeeze in a meeting last Monday, but were off on Tuesday and Wednesday. So we are slightly playing catch up. However, we had an extra long build day on Thursday and Friday, and added a Saturday build so we are almost caught up. We hope to make up the rest during week 5.

On Saturday we started the slightly sad job of taking elements off of “Super Sir Antsabot” so that we could transfer them to the new robot. Right now we are debating on the name for the new robot, but Zeus and Jupiter are in the lead.

Gabe pulling off the motor controller

The team has the start of the pillar attached and the floor pick up is attached. The manipulators are being added to the elevator and the bumpers are being constructed. Our bumpers are a little different than in previous years, we have a dog-leg in them, and it is narrower on the front, so that we can have a wider opening on the hatch cover pick up on the back.

Natalie drilling holes for the bolts to mount the bumpers. You can see the dog-leg in the rails on the table

We are making our bumpers in a way that makes it really quick to put them on and take them off. I am calling it the “Bumper change Indy style” Here is a gif of Natalie and Carter practicing with the rails.


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