Week 5: We Have Color

Posted by Lori Dale On February 9, 2020 Comments Off on Week 5: We Have Color

This week the Gearheads started and ended the week by putting the robot together, but in the middle, we took it apart and painted parts of the robot in team colors- orange and blue. We think it looks really cool!

We love the orange and blue paint job!

We noticed a difference in the way the shooter worked when we changed from the wooden prototype to polycarbonate, so we added a few small pieces to the mechanism to keep the compression rate consistent. That seems to have worked and we are happy with the results.

The end of the shooter mechanism

In other news, Safety Captain Evan took on a project for the team and the school this week. We noticed some spots on the floor where it was a little slippery because the surface had gotten too smooth from frequent use, so he laid down new anti-slip tape. We hope it keeps everyone safe!

Evan laying down new anti-slip tape

On Friday, the team attended Spec. Check where everyone had the opportunity to make sure that their robot conformed to the rules. Even though most team’s robots are not fully assembled, it gives them a chance to check what they have completed so far. We had the robot, with the parts not fully assembled laid on top of the robot. So far we are looking good and within the weight limit. At Spec Check we were at 112.4 lbs. with the climber still to be installed, and maybe a color wheel?

The Robot at Spec Check

We are also working on a clutch and a shifter. This eliminated the need to use every port on our PDP and seemed like an innovative step for the team to take. More information on that will follow. Or you can come and see it for yourself at the Week 0 competition on Saturday in New Brighton, at the home of Knightcrawler, team 2052


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