Week 6- Precompetition and Stop Build

Posted by Lori Dale On February 19, 2019 Comments Off on Week 6- Precompetition and Stop Build

By the time that you read this, build season will officially be over, and the robot will be in the bag. It has been an intense build season, with exciting first steps on building the robot and some tough delays due to school closures.

Over the weekend, we took the robot to a “Week 0 competition”. This is the last chance for teams to test their robot on a real field before it goes in the bag. Then the teams have the opportunity to fix or upgrade things while they can before it goes in the bag. Here are a few pictures from the precompetition.

Our robot lined up with our alliance partners before a match
dropping off a hatch panel on the rocket ship
On the second level platform, ready to drive off (it earns more points than level 1)

Once the robot is in the bag, we are not done. We will be working on the 30lbs of exclusions allowed, sponsor demo’s and possible upgrades to our cart or mascot costume.

Our robot shortly after we put it in the bag

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