What’s Up?

Posted by carrie block On December 12, 2017 Comments Off on What’s Up?

 Last Thursday we were a part of STEM night at Talahi Elementary School in St. Cloud. We demoed our robot and tried to get students inspired in robotics and engineering. The kids had a great time catching the balls that our robot shot out, and feeding them into the intake to be shot again.


Sunday we hosted Amereican Heart Association First Aid/AED/CPR training at the St. Cloud Technical College C-Tech Center. Students and mentors learned about proper First Aid treatment and hands on CPR training. At the end of the training everyone took a test on what they learned. Everyone passed the test and became AHA certified.  The class provided us with knowledge and the importance of  First Aid safety.

IMG_20171210_143833040 IMG_20171210_143918345_HDR

At our meeting this week we worked on finishing up the "Rocker Bogey" and also designed a possible handle to carry our batteries.  This is intended to make that job safer and easier.


We are also looking forward to making a difference by participating in the upcoming Kids Fighting Hunger night this Friday, December 15th.The event will be held at Westwood Community Church in St. Cloud. We will be packaging meals. 


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