Wheels in Motion!

Posted by Lori Dale On November 20, 2018 Comments Off on Wheels in Motion!

This week the students practiced driving the new testbot. Natalie, Ethan and Gabe each had a turn at driving the robot.  First, we tried some traction wheels, then we switched out the front and back wheels for Omni wheels, leaving the larger center wheels.  From here I will let (Coach) Corey Applegate take over because he provided a good description of what the team is doing and why: 

 We built this new robot to use a WCD (West Coast Drive) chassis as a test platform that allows us quick changes between the Traction wheels and Omni style wheels. Other configurations we are looking at are 1" or 2" wide Traction wheels as well as the height of the drop center. The drop center reduces the scrub friction while turning when using all high grip wheels. The Omni Wheels solve this with the rollers mounted at 90 degrees to the axle allowing us to use less drop center that results in a more stable (Less rocking) chassis. 

We discovered that the turning is very sensitive and will need to be tuned down in software as well as adding a gyro to help maintain the robot heading. We have some built-in variation using #25 chain on one side and #35 chain on the other as another test, in case this may be causing some of the drift, but a gyro would iron that out. 

The team really enjoyed the shifting gearboxes as well shifting the adjusted speed of the robot from 6.6ft/s to 17.5ft/sec.

Here are a couple of pictures and a video



and here is a video


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