Winding Down the Preseason

Posted by Lori Dale On December 11, 2018 Comments Off on Winding Down the Preseason

We only have one meeting left before Christmas, Christmas Break and then Kick Off.  This week we began working on modifications to the Mascot Costume.  We are going to make it easier for our Mascot's to wear.  We will be changing the look of the bottom piece of the costume, and are considering modifications to the headpiece.  

FLL 12-10-18 (8)

Here is a picture of Zach and Taylor cutting down the bottom of the mascot costume

We also replaced the shift cylinder for the gearboxes and are beta-testing the limelight 2.0 for vision tracking. The limelight is a smart camera specialized for FRC team.  Last year we were also beta-testers, on an earlier version, and we found it very helpful for our robot.   

 Testbot 11-12-18 (2)

Here is a picture of the testbot.  The limelight camera is the black box that you can see on the right side of the picture, at a 90-degree angle to the robot frame. 

Next week we will be having an informational meeting for parents of potential, new and continuing members.  We welcome any interested students and their parents to attend this meeting.  Students meet at 5:30, and parents are invited to join the meeting at 8 pm.



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