Winding down

Posted by Cjbirr On April 26, 2012 Comments Off on Winding down

We are getting ready for the summer! Three parades this summer Waite Park, St. Cloud and St. Joe. With preparing for the summer, we are getting ready for 8th grade orientation at Apollo. Creating and editing videos, getting ready and making a hoop to show off our shooting skils. We placed 58th place out of 63 teams at competition. We got 6 Minnesota State High School League Points, but we did not qualitfy for the state tournament. One of the greatest moments at Competition, was  our balancing skills. It was our last match on the Friday night, we got two of the wheels off the bridge and one that didn't really look like it is there at all and one touching the bridge. Thanks to team 525, we still earned points for the balance.



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