Build Season 2012

Posted by B. Vogel On January 11, 2012 Comments Off on Build Season 2012

Build season is upon us as we start our journey to make a robot for this years FIRST Robotics Competition: Rebound Rumble.

Rebound Rumble is alot like basketball, the main difference is the number of hoops. Rebound Rumble is played with 4 hoops placed at different heights. 1 low hoop, 2 middle hoops, and 1 high hoop. The points will depend on what hoop(s) in which the robot places the foam basketball.

New this year, Microsoft donated a Kinect to every robotics team. Teams can use the Kinect to control the robot at the beginning of the competition. Afterwards, human players take control of the robot, one team player, placed at the opposite end of the field will give the robot the basketballs. There is also a bump(for lack of a better word) where robots may either use one of the three bridge/platforms to get across or have wheels capable of getting over.

The end challenge is to balance your robot on an unsteady platform, the more robots balanced on the platform, the more points. There may be up to 3 robots on the platform.

To see a better explination and a visual of this years objective, FIRST has put the animation on their youtube which can be found here.

Good luck FRC teams! Go Build Season 2012!


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