Kick Off Day!!!!

Posted by eoehrlein On January 7, 2012 Comments Off on Kick Off Day!!!!

Many eager Granite City Gearheads arrived at Apollo High School at 7 a.m today, Saturday, January 7, 2012.  The Fun Van took the excited team members to Saint Cloud State University to find out what the new game will be for the 2012 FIRST competition.  When we arrived at Stewart Hall all of the students were pumped up to see what our game will be this year. When the video finally started, our faces lit up with awe. As soon as the presentation was over, we picked up our kit and were on or way back to school. Once we were back at school, we opened the kit and took inventory of our parts and then proceeded to brainstorm ideas about robot designs.  Also, the team read through the rules and began proto-typing. Let us wish the Granite City Gearheads good luck this season!


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