The Name of The Game…

Posted by Lori Dale On April 23, 2019 Comments Off on The Name of The Game…

Last year FIRST suprised it’s teams by announcing the name of the games in all 4 of it’s programs at the Championships ceremonies in Houston. The games also had a common theme (FIRST Launch). This year they repeated that strategy by announcing the game names and the common theme.

They have not given many details, but we know that FIRST has worked with Disney and Lucas Films to tie their themes in with the release of the New Star Wars movie; The Rise Of Skywalker. Mark Hammel was the MC for the game hint which can be viewed here:

The common theme logo for next season

Since many FIRST members and teams are fans of Star Wars, this was met with great excitement and enthusiasm. As for the individual program’s themes, they are as follows: For FLL, Jr. it is Boomtown Build, FLL is City Shaper, FTC is Skystone, and our own FRC is Infinite Recharge.

The FRC logo for next season

Of course, the speculation has already begun as to what kind of game that could mean. (Oh the agony and the ecstasy!) Leading the pack is a revamp of 2015’s Recycle Rush, or a variation of last years Power Up, and of course the running joke about a water game. As far as the Gearheads go, we are hoping for a game with a shooting element. Feel free to join the fun and comment on our Facebook page with your guesses!


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